This week we participated in the VTEXDAY Connect event, which took place on the same date as the VTEXDAY event, but which had to be postponed due to quarantine. The event was held online, and brought together several players in the e-commerce market who shared their views and opinions about the moment.

In addition, the VTEX platform released some new features to make life easier for the shopkeeper in this period we are going through, they are:

Social Selling

Free app for a sharable cart that VTEX made available in order to encourage and facilitate the sale of salespeople in physical stores who, due to quarantine, found themselves unable to carry out their work. This way, sellers who normally work in physical stores can sell online, adding products and sending the cart to the customer through channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and email.

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Solution that connects carriers and retailers in an intelligent and simplified way.

Those who use it don’t have to worry about updating shipping sheets every time there is a change: they are automatically modified through the platform itself and reflect directly on your dashboard.

In addition to integration, VTEX Log offers dashboards to facilitate its management as a Financial Dashboard, which allows the monitoring of the main KPIs, such as revenue and performance, and identify deviations between projected and executed costs, and the Performance Dashboard, which allows monitor the performance of partner carriers, having visibility of those that have better performance when crossing the data with different periods of the year.

With VTEX Log, retailers and industries can simplify their operations and optimize costs.

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VTEX Tracking

Solution to monitor and manage deliveries in real time, improving logistical efficiency and increasing user satisfaction. With it, the shopkeeper can route and connect to the driver, notify customers via SMS, email or WhatsApp, monitor in real time and confirm delivery with a digital signature.

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VTEX Search

Customized search module using artificial intelligence so that the online store can be increasingly assertive in its search results for the user.

VTEX Search is now available for stores that are on IO. But it also works on the current VTEX CMS. For this, it is necessary to adapt the front-end of your store and there is also a specific commercial model. In this case, it can be requested via email

Learn more at Youtube VTEX channel

All these features are now available for use and offer great solutions for retailers! Evaluate your sales process and identify the best solutions for your store.