Undoubtedly, the post-quarantine world will change consumer behavior in operations, especially in the physical market. The orientations of social isolation led the population to seek new technologies and to have a perception and experience of consumption that is out of the ordinary in some cases.

The traditional form of consumption in physical stores naturally ends up resulting in shared environments and contact with other customers and store employees, which after the pandemic scenario can become a point of insecurity. Thus, the form of physical retail sales may undergo changes to adapt to the reality of consumption with physical restrictions, from the approach of the customer who enters the store to buy, the sale itself, customer service, among other actions.

The technology, which was a great ally during the confinement period, will be more present in the physical retail shopping experience, just as stores will shield their online operations to minimize another major crisis like the one we are currently experiencing.

Providing the consumer with the possibility of self-service in any physical store will ensure a competitive advantage for stores that adapt. But for this, it is necessary that the shopping experience takes place through a simple, efficient tool that is in the hands of all people. As an example of a tool to help in this new way of operation, we have the Scan Shop, developed by Agência N1.

Scan Shop allows consumers, while in the physical store, to access the store’s website at a specific url through their cell phone and enable the tool. You don’t need to download an app, as the tool is already ready to use within the website itself. Just scan the barcode of the desired product and add it to the shopping cart. There is also the possibility of using QR Code.

In this way, consumers will be able to see in the palm of their hand the available payment terms, delivery methods with deadlines, prices, technical information, in addition to the benefits highlighted below:

  • Convenience: Option to take the product or receive it at home;
  • Hygiene: Avoid contact with products and objects such as credit cards and cash;
  • Inventory: The product mix will be much greater, as the operation can work with the store’s inventory and the entire distribution center, preventing a product of customer interest from being sold out.

In addition to being an easy-to-use application for the consumer, Scan Shop uses the EAN code or SKU reference code already registered in the e-commerce platform, which facilitates integration for the merchant.

We emphasize that this type of functionality does not restrict the important role of the store seller, much less compete with franchises, as the store can apply a commissioning system linked to functionality to increasingly engage users to use technology in their benefit.

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