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“I like to say that more than suppliers, I see N1 as a business partner. They make our deliveries on time, give market insights and care about the account beyond developments.” Maíra Macedo - Grupo Technos

“N1's support was essential at all stages of the project and the success of the launch.” Rafael Guerra - Superprix

“The Agency maintains an extremely professional relationship with its clients, differentiating it from the rest of the market, its proactive and dynamic way in a very complex project makes an agency out of the curve, always focused on delivering a successful delivery to the need from your client." Christopher Neiverth - Pompeii Stores

“The Collect in Store and Collaborator Coupon projects were two great initial pillars for the Omnichannel project and N1 contributed a lot to its evolution. Today we know that VTEX is not a commissioning and payroll-oriented platform, but adaptations were made where we achieved our initial goal and are evolving as the project grows. If there is an Omnichannel customer, with these two projects we are also fostering the culture of the Omnichannel seller, in a continuous search for integration on and off. In my view, this partnership has worked a lot and we can only thank you for your efforts so far. We have already had sales increases with these fronts, which only reinforces their validity and importance.” Ana Alice - Lebes

"Our experience with N1 couldn't be better: easy communication, experienced, helpful and dedicated professionals. Always committed to every project, each delivery represents exactly what we intended. They are partners we are proud to have. We would like to thank each professional for their dedication. You are part of our development and success!" Yasmin Cruz - KeyDesign

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