Google has released the new version of GA, Google Analytics 4 which promises to further help companies understand their consumers.

With fast changes in consumer behavior, added to new privacy requirements, tracking and understanding users has become increasingly challenging. In contrast, companies have increasingly understood the importance of consumer-centric strategies to create a relationship of value, engagement and loyalty.

Aware of these new market needs, the tool has evolved and now presents its new version, which highlights:

  • the integration of App and Web data for user behavior across different channels
  • learning machine to analyze (and learn!) from your data to bring specific insights to each business
  • compliance with the Privacy Laws, working even without the use of cookies

Let’s get a better understanding of how GA is going to do all this?

With the learning machine, the new Analytics will be able to generate automatic alerts when it identifies any trend in the behavior of your users, such as an increase in the search for a certain product in your store. In addition, the tool will also bring predictive analytics such as revenue potential for a specific group of users and churn probability.

Fonte: Google

Marketing actions can also become even more assertive with integrations with Google’s marketing products, which will now also count conversions in which the engagement has occurred through the YouTube App (information that was not available until then).

The way of measuring has also changed. Until then, the measurement was all carried out in a fragmented way by device or platform, but in the new version this action is performed according to the users, through different forms of identification. With this, it will be possible to know, for example, if your customers discover your company through an ad and then install your app.

The presentation of the reports also changed, the company understood the need to make the data easier to read, especially about its customer’s life cycle (from acquisition to conversion and retention).

Fonte: Google

And Google also promises to continue improving the tool, filling gaps of incomplete information so that companies can generate smarter analytics and meet the (constantly changing) needs of their consumers.

Did you like the news and want to update your account to the new Google Analytics? Just access your admin panel that already has the option to upgrade!

We are super excited about these updates here and we believe they will help us to understand more and more buying behavior! And you, what did you think?

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