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A service created to guarantee the digital presence of your e-commerce.

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What is?

We analyze your store's evolution using tools such as Heat Map, Google Analytics and N1 Insight, with a focus on increasing store performance and conversion. We prioritize on-time delivery, with quality and results.

We currently serve brands such as Grupo Technos, Lebes, Rio Galeão, Taco, Oh Boy, SuperPrix, among others.

How it works?

We carry out the most varied types of adjustments, improvements, innovations and new online applications. Thus, we were able to make the store more qualified, resulting in navigation stability, increased conversion, greater functionality and practicality in the search for the desired product, in addition to visual balance according to the store's identity.

These actions can be pointed out according to our evaluations using analytical tools such as Heat Map, Google Analytics, N1 Insight, among others. Demands can also be directly suggested by the customer, according to their demands and priorities.

  • Using Business Intelligence Tools

  • Professional evaluation of store navigation

  • Proven Store Conversion Improvements

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Praia de Botafogo, 501, BL I - Sala 101.
Botafogo/ RJ. CEP: 22.250-040

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