In April, VTEX made available on the platform the Social Selling application, a feature with the objective of helping salespeople in physical stores to sell online. With it, the seller can place items in the cart, add their code and share with the customer via Facebook, email, link, SMS and Whatsapp.

This is a super useful tool and we’ve come to bring you the installation step-by-step:

1.Access your VTEX Admin and go to the Apps menu. There will be the Social Selling option:

2.When you click install, you will be taken to this page with the configuration explanation. Here the important point is the explanation of the URL: once the APP is installed in the store, the seller will need to include the parameter ?socialselling=on to be able to view the sharing options.

3.In the next step, you must select which settings you want to leave active: APP activation, add sellers and channels to be used. And click save.

4.Okay, your APP is already up and running in the store! Always remembering that it is necessary to include the parameter on the checkout page!

Around here, many of our clients are already using Social Selling! Enjoy this feature too and any questions, please contact us!