We’re 1 month away from #blackfriday this year and it’s time for e-commerces to get ready.

With all the pandemic scenario, the expectation is an even bigger boost in online shopping. Therefore, preparing in advance is essential.

To assist retailers on this date, we have created a free Practical Guide that you can access by clicking here. In it we give some tips to prepare your operation and suggestions for features that you can implement in your store.

For VTEX retailers, the platform has also made available its best practices document for the date, to access just use the url https://[accountname].myvtex.com/admin/blackfriday/

Below are some important points to consider:

– Publish layout changes at least 2 hours in advance;

– Prepare to activate all banners manually. Scheduling banners is not recommended, as their processing may be delayed due to increased demand;

– Avoid using dynamic shelves in your layout;

– Complete product updates at least 4 hours in advance;

– Validate all promotions across the entire order flow and Activate promotions at least 2 hours in advance;

– Complete shipping updates at least 1 week in advance;

– Validate channel settings for each marketplace at least 1 week in advance;

The periods considered to be peak traffic are:

From Thursday at 11 pm to Friday at 2 am

From Friday at 7am to Friday at 10am

If you need to implement any changes in the store via the front, contact us and contact us to receive a quote.