Lebes was founded in 1956 in the city of São Jerônimo (RS). Over its 60 years of history, the company has grown, becoming one of the largest retail chains in Rio Grande do Sul.
Lojas Lebes is currently present in 80 municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul and 2 in Santa Catarina, with more than 160 branches.

Although already very well established in offline commerce, the company felt the need to improve its performance and sales online, which started in 2011.

When starting the evolution service with us, many limitations in the store were identified due to the old code.

With more and more connected customers, improving the website was a key issue. Therefore, we suggest that the entire site redesign be carried out.

When we talk about redesign, we are talking about reformulating the e-commerce visual identity, seeking to improve the design, usability and browsing experience.

The store had a much greater flow of users via mobile devices, compared to the desktop. However, the user engagement rates and the usability analysis of the mobile version of the site indicated flaws and difficulties in the browsing experience!

The new project was launched with new features, including omnichannel. The results obtained were fantastic!

The New Layout

The fixed department listing was replaced with a hamburger menu and a carousel with department icons was inserted. With this change, the main fold had more space, to which a promotional banner and shop windows were added. There are more products on display!

Another important point signaled was the improvement in filtering, both in format and in content.

With the improvement in the code, the store was able to migrate to Checkout V6, starting to use the native functionality of “Store pickup”! To further support this new omnichannel experience, N1 set up the creation of customizable coupons, in which physical store salespeople to have personalized coupons so that they also earn commission on their participation in online sales!

Another omnichannel front that was also leveraged was the service provided by Telesales. This was a project that required the integration of the sales and finance areas, mobilizing more than 3,000 employees in the operation.

In addition, to support sales, an app was created where the shopkeeper can add new employees to work as salespeople! There is more practicality and agility in the process. For the financial sector, another app was developed “Withdrawal Control” allowing this team to access information such as best-selling products, products delivered to the physical store and products received. In this app, the financial sector has a macro view of the omnichannel operation .

“The N1 carried out a very complete work of reformulation
of the mobile version of our website. Initially, he made a
analytical diagnosis of the platform and later suggested
improvements. We still work continuously on the analysis of
performance of the new version.
A project that was followed from end to end and that
generated extremely significant results. in addition to
commitment to deliveries, the great relationship
with the team it also adds in the quality of the service.”

Mila Bastos – Coordenadora de Marketing Digital das Lojas Lebes


  • Conversion Rate: 42.89% increase;
  • Revenue: 85.31% increase;
  • Less 36% of checkout departures
  • Rejection rate: significant drop of 21.42%;

To know in detail what was done and the impact numbers on revenue, traffic, cart abandonment, etc, read the full case here.