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SuperPrix US - Agência N1 : Store implementation

Buying over the internet is already part of the Brazilian routine, but when it comes to supermarkets, the reality is different. The habit of going to the store, choosing products, putting them in the cart, going to the checkout, bagging groceries and transporting them back home continues to be seen as the best option by many. The scenario, however, is changing and people are realizing that through the internet it is now possible to shop the market easily, with quality and without wasting time.

SuperPrix's e-commerce manager, Rafael Guerra, bets on the practicality and portability of the new site to win new fans in online supermarket shopping. “SuperPrix (www.superprix.com.br) has always had a tradition of following the latest trends, and now it couldn't be different. Customers will have the SuperPrix company anywhere, even in the palm of their hand, and this will allow the habit of leaving the house, facing traffic and queues, to be replaced by cell phone purchases made in a few minutes”, he highlights.

A Solução

The main difficulty of the project was to adapt some structures that were not designed for Grocery and maintain the desired performance, highlighted Rafael. Among the news is the improvement in the visualization of products in the cart. Now, just as it is in the store, consumers have visual contact with their products all the time and this makes organization easier. In addition, the products on the website were also reorganized to follow the logic that the customer uses in housekeeping. Categories such as “Fridge”, “Pantry” and “Freezer” leave no doubt when the customer decides to look for a specific section. Less clicks, more convenience!

Another benefit for online shopping is the shopping list. More than just a reminder of what needs to be purchased, the lists on the site allow you to add all products to your cart with just one click, which saves you a huge amount of time.

To please consumers who like to save, the site includes news such as the offers area and the organization of items for better discounts. While in the store he needs to go through all the aisles to find the best deals, on the website he has everything in one place and can still view from the biggest to the smallest discount.

It's on hand!

In addition to all the news, the site now has a special version for cell phones, in which everything is designed to improve the experience on this type of device. Simplicity, objectivity and fast loading were the main factors taken into account. Even using the cell phone's internet, the user navigates without difficulty and thus can take advantage of any free time to do their grocery shopping. “The project was challenging as we are in an underexplored branch in e-commerce and even less explored in VTEX, but the result was above expectations. I highlight as innovative the Blog and Recipes using VTEX structures, the open side cart and the possibility of virtually donating food to institutions through the Bolsa Solidária campaign, in partnership with INCA Voluntários and Casa Ronald.” Rafael Guerra - E-commerce Manager


If you're new to SuperPrix or have never shopped online, it's worth a visit at www.superprix.com. br to know the news that the site has prepared for you. Good shopping!