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Improvements in user experience on mobile

Currently, there are more smartphones in Brazil than the number of inhabitants, according to a survey conducted by FGV. The convenience of accessing the internet via mobile has driven a change in the digital landscape. Thus, it is essential that stores are attentive to the user experience on their mobile site. With this in mind, Lebes bet on a total redesign of its mobile site and had the support of the Web Insights service in directing the improvements to be implemented.

A Solução

Mobile Redesign

The store had a much greater flow of users via mobile devices, compared to desktop. However, the user engagement rates and the usability analysis of the mobile version of the site indicated flaws and difficulties in the browsing experience!

In order to assess the user experience, a usability analysis was carried out which, in addition to identifying breakage and inconsistency pages on the site, provided redesign suggestions for the entire mobile version.

Among the points raised from the analysis, one of them was possible to identify which were the contents of lesser interest to users and how to optimize the areas of greatest visualization. Now the fixed department listing has been replaced with a hamburger menu and a carousel with department icons has been inserted. With this change, the main fold had more space, where a promotional banner and shop windows were added.

More products on display!

Another important point signaled was the improvement in filtering, both in terms of format and content. The filter was one of the ways most used by users, so the filters were reformulated so that the options facilitated the search and a new design was made, signaling with the filter options that were being applied.

Easier navigation!

“N1 has done a very thorough job of redesigning the mobile version of our website. Initially, with an analytical diagnosis of the platform, later it suggested improvements and after being implemented we still work continuously on the performance analysis of the new version. A project that was carried out and followed from end to end and that generated extremely significant results. In addition to the commitment to deliveries, the great relationship with the team also adds to the quality of the service.” Mila Bastos - Digital Marketing Coordinator


The results of this case show the impact on both user engagement and e-commerce.