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N1 emerged from the vision we have of the market, as we noticed that there is a lack of service delivery with Agility x Quality.

We bring a new shopping experience to shopkeepers and all our employees and partners, either through the way work is conducted or the result delivered.


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We develop your store on the Vtex platform, whether it is a new store or a redesign. We analyze and propose the most suitable layout for conversion increase, SEO best practices and page loading.

We have a specialized management and development team for the proper monitoring of your project.

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We analyze your store's evolution using tools such as Heat Map, Google Analytics and N1 Insight, with a focus on increasing store performance and conversion.

We prioritize on-time delivery, with quality and results.

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Web Insight

We have developed a digital intelligence service that works in partnership with the client, evaluating analytical tools and insights that guide decision making, according to the need of the moment.

We send follow-up reports with an action plan.

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Implantação VTEX IO

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Client Lebes invests in redesign and has a conversion increase of 42%

Lebes was founded in 1956 in the city of São Jerônimo (RS). Over its 60 years of history, the company has grown, becoming one of the largest retail chains in Rio Grande do Sul. Lojas Lebes is currently present in 80 municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul and 2 in Santa Catarina, with more than […]

The change in post-quarantine consumption and online tools that will help sales

Undoubtedly, the post-quarantine world will change consumer behavior in operations, especially in the physical market. The orientations of social isolation led the population to seek new technologies and to have a perception and experience of consumption that is out of the ordinary in some cases. The traditional form of consumption in physical stores naturally ends […]


This week we participated in the VTEXDAY Connect event, which took place on the same date as the VTEXDAY event, but which had to be postponed due to quarantine. The event was held online, and brought together several players in the e-commerce market who shared their views and opinions about the moment. In addition, the […]

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Praia de Botafogo, 501, BL I - Sala 101.
Botafogo/ RJ. CEP: 22.250-040

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